Nail Polish - Rouge

Kester Black

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Nail Polish - Rouge
Nail Polish - Rouge

Of all the reds in the Kester Black clan, Rouge is the playful one. She sleeps in, skips queues and smuggles snacks into the movies. She’s fun but a little reckless.

Water permeable and breathable nail polish.

Kester Black is debatably Australia’s most ethical beauty brand.
They make nail polish that’s kind on you and kind on the planet. Their products are cruelty free, palm oil free and vegan and always have been.

When it comes to sustainability they 100% walk the walk. From ingredients, to packaging, to the way they run their office they take full responsibility and believe actions speak louder than words.
KB uses only recyclable materials and manufactures in small batches to minimise wastage. They only use renewable energy and we have a paperless office.

KB design with the end-life of their products in mind. All of their packaging is made right here in Australia to minimise their carbon footprint, their shipping boxes are made from recycled cardboard and they even send us stock using biodegradable bubble wrap! The bottle are recyclable too.
You'll notice some cute little logos on the back of your new KB nail polish bottle. Let's explain.

B Corp
KB were the first beauty brand in the world to be B Corp certified. B Corp certification is a rigorous assessment that explores governance, transparency, environmental and social impact. 

Cruelty Free
This means their products haven’t been tested on animals, don’t include any ingredients that have been tested on animals and don’t include any ingredients derived from animals.

Vegan Society
Vegan products are those which have not been tested on animals, and those which don’t contain ingredients derived from, or tested on animals.

International Cruelty Free
All KB products are approved under the Cruelty Free International Humane Cosmetics Standard, symbolised by a cute Leaping Bunny logo on the back of the pack!

Australian Made
If is has the Australian Made logo then it's manufactured here in Australia (not just packaged or assembled here) and attribute 50% or more of the cost of making to Australian materials and/or production processes.

Carbon Neutral
Kester Black is a carbon neutral company which means their carbon footprint is ZERO!
Nail Polish - Rouge
Nail Polish - Rouge

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