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We are part of Terracycle's Oral Care Recycling Program!

This means you can send us your used toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, dental floss containers, electric toothbrush heads and more in store and we will send them off to TerraCycle to be properly recycled. By this we don't mean put in a bin that eventually goes to landfill. TerraCycle shreds and melts these plastic products into hard plastic that can be remoulded into new, recycled products. Learn more about TerraCycle's innovative recycling process here.

When possible, please wash and dry your waste before it's sent to us. 


How it Works:

1. Collect your dental hygiene products 

2. If possible, wash them under hot water to ensure no residue is left

3. Let them dry

4. Select a shipping size
    > 500g Satchel
    > Handbag (1kg & 4L)
    > Shoe Box (3kg &12L)
    > Carry On (10kg & 40L)

5. At the checkout select 'SHIP' or 'PICK UP' 

6. Enter your details

7. Pay $15 and receive a 15% Discount code to spend in store or online at BLAEK            Store. This fee covers shipping to us, no matter the weight, size or location you          are sending from. (NOTE: Recycling is completely FREE of charge)

8. Shortly after booking in your recycling you will receive a shipping label to print and stick to your package

9. If you selected 'SHIP' - Drop your package off at your nearest drop off point - List of locations is HERE

10. If you selected 'PICK UP' - wait for the courier to come and collect your package from you 

11. Feel good for recycling!!! 

It's hassle free but if you have any questions simply get in contact with us 

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